Against All Odds | The Book | Paperback Version


Donnie Hixon was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia and followed in his brother’s footsteps as a standout athlete. Tragedies in the Hixon family forced Donnie to quit high school and a four-year stint in the Marine Corp served to further his athletic prowess and put him on a trajectory for success. Upon returning home from the military, Hixon embarked on a long and successful career in the mortgage finance industry. From the late ’60s through the early 70’s he played for and coached the Augusta Eagles semipro football team. In 1973 Hixon caught the eye of Paramount Pictures and was chosen as Burt Reynolds’ stunt double in one of the iconic sports movies of all-time, The Longest Yard. Filmed at Reidsville State Prison in the fall of ‘73, Hixon played alongside some of the greatest actors and football players of that era and continued his acquaintance with Reynolds throughout the years. Now retired, Hixon looks back on his “15 minutes of fame” in the movie business as a blessing and dream come true.

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